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Canadian Lead Primary School

will nurture your child's potential and engage them in enjoyable, purposeful and meaningful learning. Developing the head, heart and hands of every student, Canadian Lead Primary School strives to nurture the potential of every child, enhancing their knowledge, skills and wellbeing and promoting a positive and healthy approach to learning and life.

The school values of

Excellence, Responsibility, Respect and Persistence

underpin all activities in the school

Student Learning

These interconnected components each play a distinct role in the process of student learning.

CHILD SAFETY – Our Commitment to Child Safety at CLPS

Canadian Lead Primary School is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people. This will be the primary focus of our care and decision-making. Canadian Lead Primary School has zero tolerance for child abuse.


The Victorian Curriculum F–10 sets out what every student should learn during their first eleven years of schooling. The curriculum is the common set of knowledge and skills required by students for life-long learning, social development and active and informed citizenship.


Curriculum is ‘what’ is taught and Pedagogy is ‘how’. At Canadian Lead PS we used a balance of all ten of the High Impact Teaching Strategies. These are evidence-based strategies that experienced teachers select from depending on the lesson, the stage of learning, and the needs of students. They include: Setting Goals, Structuring Lessons, Explicit Teaching, Worked Examples, Collaborative Learning, Multiple Exposures, Questioning, Feedback, Metacognitive Strategies, and Differentiated Teaching. At Canadian Lead PS we use a mix of explicit teaching and less formal approaches, for example, the Discoveries program in Foundation to Year 2. This play-based approach allows students to learn through interacting with their peers.


Assessment FOR learning – occurs when teachers use inferences about student progress to inform their teaching.

Assessment AS learning – occurs when students reflect on and monitor their progress to inform their future learning goals.

Assessment OF learning – occurs when teachers use evidence of student learning to make judgements on student achievement against goals and standards.


Reports are issued to parents/carers twice per year using a five-point rating scale to show student progress and achievement. Parent Teacher Interviews will be held twice per year in 2020 to give all our parents and carers the opportunity to meet with their child’s teacher to discuss their progress, successes, learning goals for the coming term. These face-to-face meetings help build on the already strong home-school relationships that exist at Canadian lead PS.

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EOI for the Outside School Hours Care Tender

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Canadian Lead Primary School was thrilled to receive a grant to assist us in establishing a OSHC program on site at our school. Please find attached the EOI OSHC- Canadian Lead Primary School and a OSHC- Decision Making License Agreement for those organisations wishing to tender to operate the OSHC service. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT RE EOI CLOSING DATE Due to the current lockdown in Victoria, the closing date for the Expressions of Interest in the OSHC program at CLPS has been extended for ONE WEEK. Tenders can be submitted via email to susan.knight2@education.vic.gov.au and are due by 4pm on WEDNESDAY 9th JUNE.   All EOI submissions must be hard copy, in a sealed envelope, clearly marked “CANADIAN LEAD PS OSHC EOI SUBMISSION” . Please provide four hard copies of your EOI submission. The submission must also be provided via email. EOI submissions must be received at the following email address before the Closing Time. All enquires to CLPS office on 53337170.

Creative Workers in Schools Program

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As part of a successful grant application, we are thrilled to announce that Canadian Lead Primary School will be part of the Creative Workers in Schools Program over the second half of 2021. The artist who will be working with our school, Diokno Pasilan (Jock), trained at the WA School of Art, Design and Media in Perth. He has been a part of the Artists in School program previously at Mount Clear Secondary College, and has staged numerous exhibitions in Ballarat, Melbourne, and internationally. His art production includes painting, printmaking, installation, video, performance and music.  Diokno says: As an artist, I am interested in creating works using different mediums that focus on aspects of remembrance and memory.  Memories are the bridge to my art practice that is enriched by communities and their material culture.  Weaving stories and narratives and bringing together an assortment of objects and images, is what I find inspiring.  The subject matter of each body of work…

Local Schools Community Fund

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Our school was lucky enough to receive a grant to buy STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) equipment through the Local Schools Community Fund Project. This money has come from the Federal Government to support school improvement initiatives. Students will be able to engage with equipment they would not be able to access otherwise, develop critical thinking, problem solving and team work skills as they work on STEM tasks together. With the addition of these extra resources, we are also positive that our students will be equipped with the skills and knowledge they will need for potential future careers in our multi-cultural community and a world of ever changing technologies. One of things that stands out from what we have purchased is the 3D printer!

2019 Energy Breakthrough

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Nineteen amazing CLPS Year 4/5/6 students plus a team of dedicated staff and parents ventured to Maryborough for the 2019 Energy Breakthrough competition. Our students created their own song, presented skits showing their learning around the environment and climate change, answered questions from the scrutineers about our CLPS carts Thunder and Lightning, then competed in an endurance event that ran for 14 hours. Students worked in teams to pedal the cards against other schools from around the state, swapping in and out to race in the first 8 hour section, then another 6 hours the following day. What stars! The EB program is an important part of our extension program for senior students, where they learn vital skills such as teamwork, resilience, communication, and patience. Students need to commit to after-school training and be both fit and creative. This is a program for all-rounders who want to push themselves to try something new and challenging. We can’t wait for EB…

Peace run

Canadian Lead Primary School

Energy Breakthough