Middle Unit

The Middle Unit provides students a smooth transition to start taking ownership of their own learning. Students are reminded and encouraged to develop a growth mindset through Canadian Lead Positive Learning Behaviours Map and the Resilience Project.

Instructional Model

At Canadian Lead Primary School, all Middle Unit teachers actively follow the Instructional Model to plan and implement rich, engaging and purposeful learning experiences to students with varying learning needs.


At CLPS, our Grade 3 students have the opportunity to welcome their first getaway time with all the classmates and the teachers- go on a CAMP! With all the fun activities, accompany of fellow classmates, friends and teachers and the close encounter to the beautiful nature, we are positive all students will have a memorable time while on camp!

Here are some main reasons of why we strongly encourage your child to participate the school camp:

  • Research shows children who are regularly exposed to the nature and outdoor experience tend to be happier, healthier and with better cognitive development.
  • Assists your child to become more independent
  • Builds up their social and interpersonal skills through team work
  • Fosters a positive student-teacher relationship that can benefit their academic development and performance in the school later on in the year.
  • Promotes physical fitness and healthy lifestyle
  • Develops your child’s growth mindset by overcoming personal challenges

Educational Research Project (ERP)

Each term students in the Middle Unit participate in an Educational Research Project (ERP). Within the first one to two weeks students are immersed in the topic area. In the following three to four weeks teachers will introduce students to a variety of hands on and rich learning experiences to build up specific new learning skills that they will need to explore, research and work on their own project in the coming two to three weeks. Students are then required to present their research to the class with feedback from both peers and teachers.

The Resilience Project

Students’ social and emotional wellbeing can affect every aspect of students’ interpersonal and academic success. At Canadian Lead Primary School, we have been using the Resilience Project to explore investigate and discuss the strategies with students that they could practise and apply when difficulty arises.  This involves recognising different emotions, identifying and celebrating personal strengths, sharing of positive coping techniques and stress management strategies. Our students have one Resilience Project session per week.