Literacy at Canadian Lead PS

At Canadian Lead there is a shared vision and goals expectation for Literacy Teaching and Learning. Literacy teaching is purposeful with all teachers providing opportunities that assist students to make connections and apply literacy knowledge to the world around them. Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) meet weekly to plan ahead for reading, writing and word study.

As learners of literacy, students develop efficient reading, writing, speaking and listening skills daily. Students are scaffolded to self-assess and develop learning goals through individual conferences. Teachers give explicit feedback to their students and create personalised programs for students by assessing their strengths and needs. All teachers engage in moderation to ensure consistent judgement.

Lesson follow the whole school Instructional Model, learning intentions, success criteria and reflection are built into lessons ensuring that teachers are building on literacy knowledge that students already possess and targeted teaching to the needs of all students as individuals. A differentiated curriculum is provided at point of need for all students through targeted focus groups within lessons. The 2-hour Literacy Block consists of Reading, Word Study and Writing. Our focus includes a ‘non-negotiable’ uninterrupted daily block of time dedicated to literacy whilst teachers also provide students with additional opportunities for literacy integrated into other curriculum areas including Investigations in P-2 and by engaging in Education Research Projects in years 3-6.

Writing is celebrated at Canadian Lead through our annual Writers Festival which showcases published writing pieces from all students.

Supporting the classroom Literacy we have a partnership with the Western Bulldogs “Bulldogs Read” program and with other schools in Ballarat through the “Young Authors” program.

The teaching of Literacy is complimented by the use of technology. All students have access to the following online programs; Spellodrome and Sunshine Classics/Online, as well as Literacy Pro for our 3-6 students. These programs allow our teachers to set individualised programs to give further support and extension to all students.


Intervention Programs

At Canadian Lead PS we provide many opportunities for one-to-one and small group literacy support. We have trained facilitators completing MiniLit, MultiLit and MacqLit.

All programs have a focus on phonic awareness and we have seen students involved with these programs make strong gains in Literacy.

Click here for more information about the MultiLit program and here for more information about the MacqLit program.

Reading Tutors

The Reading Tutor volunteer program provides students with support for their reading and comprehension.

Members of the school and wider community, along with student teachers, are trained to work with individual students once a week for 30 minutes. Students benefit greatly from the extra reading practice and this is a valuable part of our literacy support across Canadian Lead PS.