Creative Arts at Canadian Lead PS


Since 2011, with the establishment of our music program, Canadian Lead has shown an ongoing commitment to provide a quality and ongoing music program for its school community. Ever student from grade prep to 6 participates in 1 hour of specialist music classes on a weekly basis. Our music program is based upon a combination of approaches including the Orff, Kodaly, Yamaha and Musical Futures teaching methods. We value these methods as they allow students to actively develop their own skills and understandings about music through singing, moving and performing.

Junior classes are fairly structured and involve lots of singing, dancing, games and performance of both pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments. Middle classes delve further into written notation as students learn basic keyboard/piano skills. Senior classes are a lot more student interest focused and students are given opportunities to plan group and solo performances on a chosen instrument and explore music composition and technology using iPads and software such as Garageband.

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At Canadian Lead Primary, all students participate in a fun filled 1 hour of specialist Art per week. Students are given opportunities to express their ideas and using their creativity in a friendly, supportive and relaxed environment. The Visual Arts program incorporates both art making and art appreciation. Students work is displayed throughout the school, in the foyer and is sent home.

Students learn to develop their creativity and imagination through skills based visual arts program. They learn about the process of art making with clear instructions on how to correctly develop techniques and use the the tools and materials available to them. Over the year students are able to experiment with a variety of media including drawing, painting, collage, ceramics, textiles, print-making and construction. They develop their understanding of the elements of art and visual language when thinking and discussing art.

Students draw on a range of Australian and International artist to help inspire their own works. They are encouraged to share their thoughts, feelings and observations. In the art room we value experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun!


LION KING: What a wonderful night for CLPS with the performance of our 2017 whole school production of Lion King Jnr. Special thanks to our talented music and art teacher, Sally Gregory for her overall direction of the performance and dedication to our whole school performing arts program. We have received so many wonderful comments from parents and the school community about the talents of our students and staff.

To inquire about hiring any of these wonderful costumes please go to

MAD Acts: We are starting a new group aimed at students with a particular interested in Music and Dance. Bridie Boag will be helping coordinate this group and students will audition for a place in the group. We will be aiming to perform regularly at assemblies and other Ballarat events.

Canadian Lead’s Got Talent: Every second year we conduct our ‘Canadian Lead’s Got Talent’ competition for students. This will take place in term 4 and students are encouraged to develop a performance using their own particular are of interest/talent.

Art Upcoming 2016:

Roxy Make-Over: As part of the Picasso Cow competition our cow ‘Roxy’ will be getting a make-over. The program is designed to teach children about the milk industry, nutrition and farming. Roxy will be re-painted and re-located to her new home in the green patch. If you have any creative ideas for Roxy please let us know.

2016 Ballarat Art Awards: The Ballarat Children’s Art Award 2016 is open for entries with this year’s theme: ‘Colour Winter’. All students at CLPS will be completing an artwork for the competition as part of the Visual Arts program. The Art Awards is an exciting children’s art competition opened to high school, primary school and kindergarten students within the wider region of the City of Ballarat. Author and illustrator Renee Treml will be the final judge and presenter for the Ballarat Children’s Art Award presented at: Rug Up Festival at The Mining Exchange – 8 Lydiard Street Nth, Ballarat on Sunday the 10th of July at 3pm. We are looking forward to seeing what students create as we have had many successful applicants in past years.

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School Musical: Every year we work with our school community to put on events such as ‘Canadian Lead’s Got Talent’ and our whole school musical performance. We have worked hard to set a high standard for our whole school performance and continue to look at how to make this an unforgettable event for our whole school community. ‘Alice in Wonderland’ was our very first musical performance in 2011 and was an instant hit. In 2013 we performed Mulan in conjunction with the first year of our Chinese program. Last year we performed our own adaptation of Peter Pan with a focus on music and dance (including hip-hop, contemporary and ballet). Students benefited from working with specialist dance teachers that were brought into the school specifically for the production.

Instrumental Music Program: In addition to our specialist music classes, student can also access instrumental lessons with one of our private instructors. In 2016, student can choose between learning keyboard, guitar, drums and violin. This program run as an optional extra and parents must cover all lesson fees.

All instrumental teachers are experienced teachers of their instrument/s and have current working with children’s checks.

Scholarship Program: In 2016, for the first time, Canadian Lead Primary School is offered a scholarship program in the area of the performing arts. This scholarship is for students who have shown outstanding potential in a particular area of performing arts. This includes instrumental music, singing, classical, contemporary, jazz or hip-hop dance and drama. The scholarship is designed to help provide the student access to high quality education in the chosen area.

The students selected for the scholarship receive lessons in their chosen area by a professional institution selected through negotiation with the school. Also, any required instruments, clothing or materials are be provided. Our scholarship recipients for 2016 are Allera Bee and Curtis Laurie. Allera is participating in musical theatre classes at Gateway Performing Arts Studio and Curtis is doing Hip-Hop at Soul Studio. This year’s scholarship is being funded by our 2015 performance of ‘PAN’. We will be seeking to continue this opportunity for more students in the future.

Students from grades 3-6 who are interested in applying are encouraged to do so at the beginning of each year. For a look at the article printed by our local paper please click here.