Instructional Model 

At Canadian Lead Primary School we strive to implement engaging, hands on and rich learning experiences to cater for all individual learning needs. Teachers at Canadian Lead Primary School plan and teach according to our whole school Instructional Model. This model allows students to practise previously learned skills, as well as tuning students in with new learning. We believe our Instructional Model provides one seamless learning experience from Foundation to Grade 6.


Here is what the students of Canadian Lead Primary School think about our Instructional Model;

“ I like doing the warm ups straight away when we come in after snack and lunch because it’s something that I already know how to do. It’s like a bit of a break and gets my mind ready for learning”. -Opal, Grade 6


 “I like the reflection time because people get to share their work and the things that they have learnt”. -Chelsea, Prep


 “I like that the hooks don’t give away anything, they just intrigue you and make you want to find out what you are learning about”. -Pippa, Grade 4


“I love the warm ups in Maths because we get to play fun games like Last Man Standing. I like that I can choose what numbers I want to work with”. –Archie, Grade 2