BYOD iPad Program at Canadian Lead PS

At Canadian Lead PS we have embraced a very successful 1:1 iPad BYOD program for our senior students. Students have the opportunity to purchase an iPad and use this to compliment the current learning practices here at Canadian Lead PS.

We want our students to strive for excellence through a personalised learning program that integrates the curriculum and fully utilise the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The use of an iPad to assist this, along with countless online programs and social media/networking tools will ensure that we are preparing our students for a new era in personalised learning and digital creation.

Our 1:1 iPad Program helps us achieve this by:

❖ Providing students with access to their own iPad device. This will ensure that students can create, collaborate and have access to ‘anytime, anywhere’ learning
❖ Providing safe secure internet access that connects all students to local and global communities
❖ Allowing students to access information at hand and to demonstrate their understanding of the curriculum
❖ Providing all students with opportunities for rich and relevant learning that is engaging, promotes excellence and is personalised

As a school we have investigated several payment methods to fund the iPad program and have decided upon a BYOD model. This will involve parents and families purchasing an iPad device, if they do not already have full time access to one, for their student at Canadian Lead PS. We understand that many students already have an iPad device available to them at home, however the purchasing of an iPad device if needed can occur through general retail purchase.

For students who are unable to bring their own iPad, there will still be school owned iPads available for student use at the school site only. These iPads are not available at all times for each student but the school will do the best it can to provide as much access as possible for learning with this technology.

Apps @CLPS

App’s, App’s and more App’s.

With hundreds of thousands of iPad applications flooding the iTunes App Store, it has been quite a tedious task in selection which applications we feel will best suit our students. In the end we have come to realise that it is almost an impossible feat. That students will select and use app’s, which best suit, their learning styles and needs.

As we follow a self directed personalised learning approach at Canadian Lead PS students will soon work out for themselves which applications will work best for them. From what we have witnessed first hand since we began using iPads in 2013, it’s been great to see students taking greater responsibility for their own learning, following a more personalised approach to how they go about meeting specific learning criteria.

The app list we work from is in constant change as we try to adapt to changing areas of learning each term and different focus points in literacy and numeracy. There is a website listed below that is recommended for you to look at to gain an understanding of education apps used across the state in other schools are what you might like to play with if you have an iPad at home already.

We do want to emphasise that the list of apps we use is and always will be a work in progress, and will continue to grow. As new app’s are developed and come on to the market, we will add them to our list as necessary in the future, taking in mind cost and download size.

Purchasing an iPad

At CLPS we use only Apple iPads as a BYOD option. There are many reasons for this including reliability, school functionality, student safety and of course educational priority.

Additional costs such as screen protectors, covers and any extra accessories are expected to be covered by the students family. We do not offer any payment options through the school. As a school, we have decided that students are not to bring their iPad unless it has a very sturdy case that covers both the back, front and especially the corners of the iPad. We would rather each student’s iPad stay around for as many years as possible!

Please be mindful that some secondary schools do not allow the use of the iPad Mini or older models of iPads (1st – 4th Gen) which may influence your choice if your student is close to finishing primary school.

NOTE: The iPad requires access to a personal computer to complete a full backup and an Apple ID.