Facilities and Grounds

Our modern building houses all school classrooms beneath the one roof. We have internal classrooms and facilities that create open-learning spaces designed to enhance the most contemporary learning and teaching practices.

A significant advantage of the school is its extensive grounds that provide children with the space and opportunity to engage in a variety of play including sporting, social and imaginative.

Special facilities include:

  • a well-equipped art and technology room, complemented by a specialist art teacher. Regular displays around the school celebrate the children’s achievements
  • a dedicated music / drama room with an excellent range of musical equipment
  • ‘The Green Patch’ – a fenced vegetable garden area with fruit trees and a water tank to ensure its sustainability
  • extensive sporting facilities that include a large oval, soccer pitch, cricket pitch and practice nets, netball and basketball courts and an indoor gymnasium.
  • play equipment structures distributed around the grounds that cater for the different ages and stages of child development
  • quiet shaded areas with tables and chairs that provide children with the opportunity to chat and play
  • landscaped plantings of trees and bushes along the school perimeter and  throughout the school’s raised banks
  • a remembrance area dedicated to the ANZACs with a path leading to an Aleppo pine, planted in 2008
  • a Koori garden of native vegetation stands around decorated Koori poles