Principal’s Message

I extend a warm welcome to our school’s website and hope that, as you explore it, you gain an insight and feel for our school.

By developing the head, heart and hands of every student, Canadian Lead Primary School strives to nurture the potential of every child. We promote a positive and healthy approach to learning and life by enhancing their knowledge, skills and wellbeing.
The school values of excellence, responsibility, respect and persistence underpin all activities in the school.

Demonstrating strong collegiate support and shared responsibility for all students, our dedicated staff work collaboratively in teams to provide quality and engaging classroom, specialist and co-curriculum activities.

Our school places significant emphasis on the building of strong foundations in literacy and numeracy.

We are committed to embedding Information and Communication Technologies meaningfully in teaching and learning. The well resourced ICT facilities, including Smartboards, LCD screens, screen casting technology and banks of iPads and for classrooms, demonstrates our ongoing
commitment to embedding digital technologies into teaching and learning and is a focus of curriculum planning and delivery.

Great emphasis is also placed on the emotional wellbeing  of all students and the promotion of positive social skills through the provision of a safe, caring and inclusive environment and a culture of respect for self, others and the environment.  Student wellbeing is also supported by school’s PATHS program, Kids’ Hope Mentoring and School Chaplaincy program.

At Canadian Lead we encourage positive partnerships with the home where teachers and parents work together to ensure the best possible learning environment for our students. Regular student and teacher conferencing and ongoing communication with parents are important elements of the school’s reporting process.

Our contemporary facilities provide a gymnasium, library and technology centre, Chinese learning room, art and music rooms. The modern building is surrounded by extensive grounds that provide ample opportunity to run, play and explore, as well as quiet, shaded spaces to relax and chat.

The school provides a whole school physical education program and sporting activities including swimming program, athletics and cross country. The vibrant art work displayed on the corridor walls attest to the quality of the visual arts program provided.

Our school offers private music tuition, a Sporting Schools program, and a vegetable garden, providing opportunities for our students to pursue their interests and develop their talents and skills beyond the classroom. Our school is proud of what we offer and I invite new students and families to contact the school for further details or to arrange a tour.

Mrs Darlene Cameron