Canadian Lead Prep Transition Program

At Canadian Lead PS we value the importance of a positive experience for Foundation students and their families. We want your child to have a happy and exciting start to their school life.

Our extensive Transition Program provides your child with the opportunity to experience different aspects of school life.

It helps students to develop new skills, become familiar with the school and an opportunity to meet future class mates and teachers.

Our program timeline looks like this:

Term 2 – Kindergarten Visits

The Principal, Foundation teachers and School Captains host a morning at school, where four local kindergartens visit. During this time the children have an opportunity to work in our Investigations Area, experience the Interactive Whiteboard, join in story time and play outside in our very expansive grounds.

Term 3 – Pre-Prep Program

For one hour over four weeks the children have an opportunity to:

  •  be creative in the Art Room
  • in Music
  • participate in PMP (Perceptual Motor Program) in the gym
  • meet their Buddies who will help them with activities in the classroom

Term 4 – Morning at School

In December the children participate in an “Orientation Morning” to meet with their teacher and future classmates.

Transition to Secondary School

Each year Canadian Lead Primary School has students transitioning into a range of secondary schools within Ballarat and beyond. We understand that transition into secondary school can sometimes be a confusing and difficult process and therefore we endeavour to make the move a smooth one.

Some secondary schools are heavily subscribed. These schools may need to use criteria for their enrolments. They may include living within a school’s boundary and/or if a sibling already is enrolled.

If you have not yet made a decision about which secondary school you would like to send you child to, it is recommended that you phone schools you may be interested in and visit to discuss the curriculum with the Year 7 coordinators.

Hints for a successful transition:

  • Research your school options to see if they have all the facilities and programs that are important to you
  • Attend information nights and open days
  • Talk to other parents in the community to understand further about the schools you are wishing to apply for
  • Have your forms back as soon as possible

If you are unsure that you live within the boundaries of the secondary school please contact the secondary school. If the school asks for further details about your address, ensure you are prepared with the required information and present it to them as soon as possible. Prepare well in advance to enable for a smoother transition.