2019 Energy Breakthrough

By November 29, 2019 Latest News

Nineteen amazing CLPS Year 4/5/6 students plus a team of dedicated staff and parents ventured to Maryborough for the 2019 Energy Breakthrough competition.

Our students created their own song, presented skits showing their learning around the environment and climate change, answered questions from the scrutineers about our CLPS carts Thunder and Lightning, then competed in an endurance event that ran for 14 hours. Students worked in teams to pedal the cards against other schools from around the state, swapping in and out to race in the first 8 hour section, then another 6 hours the following day.
What stars!

The EB program is an important part of our extension program for senior students, where they learn vital skills such as teamwork, resilience, communication, and patience. Students need to commit to after-school training and be both fit and creative. This is a program for all-rounders who want to push themselves to try something new and challenging.

We can’t wait for EB in 2020!